The FACT Tool (Author: David Cella)

Last Updated May 10, 2013 10:45:25

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Instrument Scoring Algorithm Reliability/Validity Norms Additional Concerns ONLY/Other Documents
FACT-G : General Scale  FACT-G4.txt  FACT-G_VR.doc     
FACIT-D: Chronic Illness (Diarrhea)        S_FACIT-D.pdf 
FACIT-F: Chronic Illness (Fatigue)    FACIT-F_VR.doc    S_FACIT-F.pdf 
FACT-An: Chronic Illness (Anemia-Fatigue)  FACT-An4.txt      S_FACT-An.pdf 
FACT-Es: Chronic Illness (Endocrine Symptoms)  FACT-ES4.txt  FACT-ES_VR.doc    S_FACT-ES.pdf 
FACT-Th: Chronic Illness (Thrombocytopenia)  FACT-TH4.txt      S_FACT-Th.pdf 
FAACT        S_FAACT.pdf 
FAIT-U: Incontinence Therapy (Urinary)  FAIT-U4.txt      S_FAIT-U.pdf 
FACT-BMT: Bone Marrow Transplant  FACT-BMT4.txt  FACT-BMT_VR.doc    S_FACT-BMT.pdf 
FACT-BRM: Biological Response Modifiers  FACT-BRM4.txt  FACT-BRM_VR.doc    S_FACT-BRM.pdf 
FACT-GOG-Ntx: Neurotoxicity  FACT-GOG-NTX4.txt  FACT-GOG-Ntx_VR.doc    S_FACT-GOG-Ntx.pdf 
FACT-Taxane: Taxane Toxicity  FACT-Tax4.txt  FACT-TAXANE_VR.doc    S_FACT-Taxane.pdf 
FACT-B: Breast Cancer  FACT-B4.txt  FACT-B_VR.doc    S_FACT-B.pdf 
FACT-Bl: Bladder Cancer  FACT-BL4.txt      S_FACT-Bl.pdf 
FACT-Br: Solid Brain Tumors  FACT-BR4.txt      S_FACT_Br.pdf 
FACT-C: Colorectal Cancer  FACT-C4.txt  FACT-C_VR.doc    S_FACT-C.pdf 
FACT-CNS: Central Nervous System  FACT-CNS4.txt      S_FACT-CNS.pdf 
FACT-Cx: Cancer of the Cervix  FACT-Cx4.txt      S_FACT-Cx.pdf 
FACT-E: Esophogal Cancer  FACT-E4.txt      S_FACT-E.pdf 
FACT-H&N: Cancer of the Head & Neck  FACT-HN4.txt  FACT-HN_VR.doc    S_FACT-HN.pdf 
FACT-Hep: Hepatobiliary cancer  FACT-Hep.txt  FACT-HEP_VR.doc    S_FACT-Hep.pdf 
FACT-L: Lung Cancer  FACT-L4.txt  FACT-L_VR.doc    S_FACT-L.pdf 
FACT-O: Ovarian Cancer  FACT-O4.txt  FACT-O_VR.doc    S_FACT-O.pdf 
FACT-N: Neutropenia        S_FACT-N.pdf 
FACT-P: Prostate Cancer  FACT-P4.txt  FACT-P_VR.doc    S_FACT-P.pdf 
FACIT-SP: Spiritual    FACIT-SP_VR.doc    S_FACIT-SP.pdf 
FACIT-SP-EX: Spiritual-Expanded         
FAHI: Functional Assessment of HIV Infection  FAHI4.txt       
FAMS: Multiple Sclerosis  FAMS4.txt  FAMS_VR.doc     
FANLTC: Non Life Threatening Conditions  FANLT4.txt       
Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Trial Outcome Index        FACT-TOI_info.pdf 
FACT/NCCN-Head and Neck Symptom Index        FHNSI-10_info.pdf